The qualitative choice of TERRI is to provide the best crane working performance: simplicity and safety of assembly, compatibility of trolleys with different towers, extensive heights with the modularity of gantry and vertical joint-system cranes, “tested for safety”; high work performance with high work speeds and yielding winches; technical assistance offered by remote monitoring; optimization of spares thanks to the compatibility between different models; selection of parts distributed and available world over, modularity and practicality of storage, relatively low cost of transport.

WINCHES: Our winches guarantee high yield work performance and speed; ventilated speed drive allows operation in hot or cold climates without any problems whatsoever; the hoist and distribution motors are variant, and allow high work speeds without load shocks or swaying.

REMOTE MONITORING: Technical assistance management can be supported by crane operation via a remote monitoring system for purposes of remote verifications or interventions. This provides support for work-yard technicians in solving problems related to crane downtime and in controlling scheduled operations.

PARTS WAREHOUSE: Terri guarantees availability of spare parts and accessories through its direct warehouses; immediate availability with computerized and optimized management of the entire warehouse, collaborator and supplier network; with direct and immediate access for all needs and situations.