The qualitative choice of TERRI gives the maximum operational performance on the crane: simplicity and safety in assembly; compatibility of cross bases with different towers; great heights with the modularity of the H towers and of the vertical axis joining systems, “safe tested”; high operational performance with high-speed work and winches; technical assistance supported with remote control; optimization of spare parts thanks to the compatibility between the various models and the choice of components that are widespread and available worldwide; modularity and practicality of storage; optimization of transport costs. TERRI was born to satisfy the needs of a professional, the RENTER /DISTRIBUTOR

GANTRY CRANE TOWERS: The towers are constructed in an Hshape, thus allowing noticeable free heights with less lateral swaying during work procedures, the materials are available worldwide

JOINT SYSTEM: The vertical joint system is achieved through traction bolts “tested in the crane sector for over 40 years”, which allow rapid assembly and disassembly, “without the use of sledge hammers or strenuous force. All bolts are housed in their specific sheaths.

OUTRIGGER WITH BEARINGS: The base folding outriggerthat stands on adjustable and reusable bearings allows extreme assembly ease and speed; the bearings and screws can be replaced in time without jamming risk; the support base or rail can be mounted on all trolleys, they require little space in storage.

FIFTH WHEEL ASSEMBLY: Terri uses a fifth wheel assembly with outward gear teeth for greater leverage and simpler crane maintenance. All fifth wheels are double-race ball bearing type that can mount long performance greasers to ensure lengthy assembly duration.


TTH30-1000 2.5 Ton 30Mt – Kg 1000
TTH36-1000 2.5 Ton 36Mt – Kg 1000
TTH40-1000 2.5 Ton 40Mt – Kg 1000
TTH48-1000 2.5 Ton 48Mt – Kg1000
TTH50-1250 5 Ton 50Mt – Kg1250
TTH55-1000 5 Ton 55Mt – Kg 1000
TTH60-1250 5 Ton 60Mt – Kg1250
TTH60-1800 8 Ton 60Mt – Kg1800
TTH60-2000 8 Ton 60Mt – Kg2000
TTH70-2200 10 Ton 70Mt – Kg2200
TTH80-3000 20 Ton 80Mt- kg 3000