The constructive choice of the Terri boxed cranes starts from the components: three series inverters, with progressive speeds that lead the machine to a very high durability thanks to the lower oscillations ofthe structure.
First-Class electrical components, “Telemecanique”. Leroy Sommer, Mithubishi. Noiseless and fast hoists winch with performance above the standard of the same category cranes.Large hoist drum in order to be able to use it for any height requirement and with greatrapidity to reach the maximum speed.
Terri through the parent company Mevi, has been in charge of cranes for over 30 years with a production ranging from 30 to 80 Mt. Of jib.

Stainless steel connection pins, mounted with a crossover system; Coupling of tower elements with safety horse that does not allow the ovalization of the holes; The plugs can be inserted or removed very easily with respect to a compact hole and have a greater tightness, also being bored in the central part facilitate the insertion and the deflate.

Series crotating part for an optimum housing of the pins, the fitters do not have to make the tighots with the buckets, each pin is in its place preserved well and available. To block the plugs, the pins are not used but the tropicalized studs with a safety circular block so as to allow the plugs to rotate without ever escaping them. The cranes are equipped with anchorages for out of standard heights.

Possibility to assemble control cabins. All cabins are equipped with air conditioned and are shaped to allow the best visibility, also at high heights.


TSX30-1000 2.5 Ton 30Mt – Kg 1000
TSX36-1000 2.5 Ton 36Mt – Kg 1000
TSX40-1000 2.5 Ton 40Mt – Kg 1000
TSX48-1000 2.5 Ton 48Mt – Kg1000
TSX50-1250 5 Ton 50Mt – Kg1250
TSX55-1000 5 Ton 55Mt – Kg 1000
TSX60-1250 5 Ton 60Mt – Kg1250
TSX60-1800 8 Ton 60Mt – Kg1800
TSX60-2000 8 Ton 60Mt – Kg2000
TSX70-2200 10 Ton 70Mt – Kg2200
TSX80-3000 20 Ton 80Mt- kg 3000